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 F.L.Y. ... First Love Yourself 

Welcome Goddess

Jahari's Institute Presents

Burlesque Dance Fitness

Freshman Burlesque is all about the tease.      The classes cover the the 3P's of burlesque, elements of classic  seductive walks and struts, kicks and turns. Classes typically include routines with props, like feather boa  for leaner arms, and sections of dancing in heels to tone those legs and bum. Goddesses their are no copy cats, no rules, no right or wrong way to workout.


                    Airing Live                            January 22 ,2015

 6pm EST .. 3pm PST.. 5pm CST

             Guest Speaker:  Life Coach                       Jaime Shearer  

DREAMING Your Best Life!

Stiletto Dance Fitness
Coming February 2015   
Thursday's @ 6:30pm 


"Stiletto Fitness"

There are three areas every woman 

       would like to tone and                  firm; her tummy ,bum and legs. 

        Freshman Stiletto fitness offers            a dose of confidence                         and Interval training

    for weight lost. Each Goddess is encouraged to create a dance name, wear a smile and unleash her               sassy as we get fit. 

This course was created to attract women of all ages, from 30 to 80. Grandmothers, mothers, thin,

overweight, coordinated and not                 so coordinated.                         One (1)  session 60 minutes in lengt